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Welcome to our facilities, both in Belgium, and in the heart of innovative business areas. In addition, our commercial headquarters is located in Boston.

In our development labs in Niel, we can optimize your construct, make and test your plasmid, perform the initial small scale productions, but also perform the necessary upscaling for you non-GLP and GLP toxicity studies and prepare for GMP productions, in order to enable the technology transfer to our GMP team.

GMP labs
In our multi-cleanroom segregated GMP facility, we can manufacture your RNA to the highest GMP standards, including sterile filtration and fill-finish into vials of different sizes. Our adjacent QC labs support characterization and release testing.

In our Ghent facility, we support small scale LNP productions based on our ionizable lipids and lipid nanoparticle formulations. Moreover we are able to optimize the formulations to your needs. Once the candidate is nominated, we can scale up production to accommodate the needs of your research, and eventually tech transfer to a preferred partner for GMP LNP production.

Niel Facility
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Ghent Facility
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Boston Facility
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Our team of highly qualified subject matter experts recognize the business needs of our clients and translate these to a GMP manufacturing environment.

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