Opt for the best in class quality RNA for your early projects
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With decades of experience in RNA production, etherna manufacturing provides the best in class quality RNA supported by a full range of RNA production services for all stages of your project.

Our innovative proprietary enabling technologies include optimized UTRs for best expression, codon optimization for stability and purity, and process improvements to improve quality and purity. Not convinced yet, try out catalog RNA and discover our quality yourself.

etherna manufacturing utilizes its suite of advanced capabilities to provide superior products to customers for both early-stage research as well as later-stage development of mRNA-based therapeutics in a range of therapeutic and prophylactic indications.

Etherna Manufacturing
Pathway to GMP

Get a guaranteed quality level, from your research material to the material needed for your non-GLP and GLP studies to GMP material

Platform features

RNA Production

RNA is produced using in vitro transcription (IVT) from a DNA template. We use optimized processes to produce highly pure, stable RNA that is efficiently translated, whilst minimizing production of double stranded RNA (dsRNA).

RNA size & Quantity

RNA can be ordered from quantities as low as 100µg, up to gram scale. Productions of 1mg-10mg are typical for early-stage use in in vitro or in vivo studies. We have successfully produced RNA in sizes from as low as 200 up to 10,000 bases.

Construct Design

High quality RNA starts with a high quality construct. We will guide you through the process of selection of 5’ and 3’ UTRs, poly(A) tail length and codon optimization. Optimized UTRs and poly(A) tail are available in our proprietary vector.

RNA Specifications

A 5’ cap is essential – we use CleanCapⓇ or ARCA, or if your project requires add the cap enzymatically. RNA can be produced using standard NTPs; any modified NTP can be incorporated when commercially available.


Our standard for research grade production is silica purification – suitable for 10s of mgs and for use in in vitro and early in vivo studies. For larger quantities or for applications such as GLP toxicology studies, we recommend column purification.


Our standard for research grade productions includes:

    • Purity/integrity by capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE)
    • Endotoxin (Kinetic Chromogenic LAL)
    • Content (UV)

Depending on your application, additional analytics may be recommended, including:

    • Identity by NGS
    • Residual pDNA
    • Residual protein
    • dsRNA


Research grade RNA is typically supplied in Water for Injection (WFI); other buffers such as sodium citrate can also be used. We can also formulate in Lipid Nano Particles (LNPs). etherna offers LNP formulation for proof of concept studies as a service – formulation optimization and larger scale productions are available on a partnership basis.