In addition to custom Research Grade and GMP RNA productions we can also formulate your RNA in our proprietary Lipid NanoParticles (LNPs).
We undertake LNP formulation to proof of concept stage on a manufacturing service basis in order to obtain baseline data. We will use this data to drive a further collaborative program to optimize the formulation to your specific project requirements – this will draw upon our full LNP technology platform including as required our proprietary ionizable lipid library.

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Our proof of concept formulation projects are designed to provide sufficient quantities of high quality formulated RNA for in vitro and early in vivo studies. Formulated RNA can be available within weeks of availability of payload.

We can also formulate DNA and tRNA, and co-formulate multiple payloads into the same LNP. All our formulations are subject to stringent QC assessments.

Etherna Manufacturing
Pathway to GMP

We can seamlessly scale the optimal formulation to meet GMP standards for clinical trials. Explore our GMP LNP services to learn more.

LNP Specifications


We can formulate individual RNAs and also co-formulate multiple RNAs into the same LNP. We can also formulate tRNA and dsDNA.

LNP Production

We use Impingement Jet mixing or T-mixing – the
choice of technology depends on the scale of production required.

LNP Purification

After first stage production we exchange buffer, remove solvent, and concentrate the LNPs using dialysis and ultrafiltration at low scale, and Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) for larger scale productions. All formulations are then sterile filtered.


We provide comprehensive standard QC including:
appearance, pH, Osmolality, Zeta-potential, particle size, PDI, RNA content and encapsulation efficiency. Further tests are available as required.